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Couples Life in the Way  Workshop

The Way Couples Program are powerful, life changing experiences designed to establish a full understanding and roadmap to enabling you and your family to experience everything God desires for you in your home. The principles you will learn apply not only to adult romantic relationships but also will enable you to develop deeper and more valuing relationships with your children and close friends.


The workshop not only entails a thorough, directive, proven plan for achieving deep, loving relationships in your life but is also designed for you to experience the depth of God’s love during the four-day process. The true experience of love is analogous to being in a lake of water. No matter how much you read about, study it and hear about it, you do not know what water feels like until you have experienced it. Due to a multitude of reasons, many in the Christian community have replaced the wonderful experience of being drenched in the Holy Spirit with the understanding of God. Our Life in the Way workshop completes your understanding with a deep, intimate, spiritual saturation of love.

Great relationships can only be achieved in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Salvation through Christ empowers us with His Spirit living in us. Our Life in the Way workshop offers you a proven roadmap, enabling you to achieve the wonderful experience of God’s Spirit and love as a foundation to your relationships.

Great relationships not only require a plan for relating to others but are also determined by overcoming personal emotional wounds blocking your ability to be safe and vulnerable with the people you love. Our Life in the Way  workshop provides the tools for you to heal the emotional pain that has been passed on through generations of your family. Our program empowers you with process of healing your unresolved emotional pain as you grow and strengthen your closest relationships.

Our Life in the Way workshop is an opportunity to escape to beautiful Charleston, SC on a four day weekend trip, to not only deepen your intimate relationship through our workshop, but also enjoy time away together, explore new restaurants, and even enjoy a sunrise by the ocean. Our workshops are Thursday-Sunday, 8:30am-5:00pm daily, with a half day on Sunday to allow for travel plans. 

As a Christian psychiatrist for the past 30 years, Dr Van Horn’s mission has been helping couples and families discover and maintain the deep experience of God’s love with their partners, friends and children. Our

Life in the Way workshops have been validated for decades by the truly life changing experiences of thousands of families.

The Life in the Way workshop establishes the foundation for a life of emotional healing and growth within truly loving relationships. Personal, spiritual and relationship maturity are a lifelong process. Due to the multiple formats for virtual communications, we can maintain significant support to further improve your chance of success. Each workshop cohort is encouraged to connect with each other and with Dr. Van Horn during biweekly group sessions, on Zoom.


From Dr. Van Horn:


"I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of Christian families teaching them how to Live in the Way. The Way refers to early Christian believers who were motivated by the teaching of Christ and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to form a community committed to sacrifice, service to others, and above all, a deep emotional experience of God’s love. My passion in my emotional healing and relationship workshops is to bring people back to the true experience of God‘s peace joy and love. Over the years, we've cried together, we've laughed together, we healed our deep wounds and truly experienced within ourselves and our families an essence of God that is very difficult to find and maintain." - William A Van Horn, MD

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